Decontamination, washing and waste of disposable laboratory Devices

All our plastic Devices for laboratory are easy to clean, as they present washable surfaces, resistant both to high temperatures and to the most commonly used detergents. In case of light contaminations we suggest the use of neutral detergents (pH 7.0), while for heavy contaminations we suggest the use of alkaline detergents (pH up to 12.0). Never use any alkaline detergents on Devices manufactured in polycarbonate (PC) or polystyrene (PS). In order to accelerate decontamination process, rise detergent’s concentration and solution’s temperature. Agitation and rubbing speed up decontamination. In any case, you are requested to check with your detergents supplier their compatibility with plastic materials of the Devices. Always avoid the use of powders or abrasive sponges when washing and cleaning any Devices. In case the Devices get contaminated by dangerous, infected or toxic products, we suggest you to proceed first with a decontamination and washing process and an appropriate sterilization. Autoclaving is the favourite sterilization method, but other chemical and dry heat methods can be employed as long as they are compatible with the Device’s plastic.

Waste disposal: used disposables have to be considered as hazardous waste and have to be disposed according to laws in force.