APTACA, since 40 years,  manufactures disposable and reusable Devices for Laboratories of Analysis, Hospitals, Research Institutes and for the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

The always growing efforts in research and the development of new products, an excellent service, a very well understandable deep technical documentation, skilled employees with great passion, are only some of the characteristics that allowed us to become a Leader in this field.

APTACA has a modern and efficient production department with more than 80 press machines for injection moulding and plastic blowing, with more than 700 moulds. The most modern production technologies, together with an highly qualified staff and a thirty years experience in the industry, allow APTACA a great flexibility and ability to meet the demands of its Customers by providing them an excellent service and high quality product with a competitive price.

All APTACA Devices are designed, tested and manufactured internally with high quality materials, conform to the most straight and severe applicable Standards. All APTACA Devices are subject to great quality care controls, carried out in accordance with the European and International Regulations and by advanced instruments. Where applicable, APTACA Devices have CE mark in order to grant the maximum safety for the Users.

APTACA during these years obtained a great importance on the National market and, in particular, on International markets thanks to its products quality and competitiveness, by exporting in the World the Made in Italy. Thanks also to a constant presence in the greatest International Fairs, APTACA can depend on a largenumber of great distributors all over the World , granting in this way the prompt availability of its products and the correct support to local Users.

Its efficient manufacturing process and high quality attention allowed APTACA to obtain, since 1998, ISO 9001, and from 2007, ISO 13485 Standard Quality System certifications. Certificates released by Certification Body of undoubted prestige and recognized Accredia.