CE Certificate


Cryotube are made in polypropylene, autoclavable, designed for the cryodenic storage of biological samples up to temperatures till -196 C (-320 F). They are available with round bottom or self standing base suitable for the workstation frame and subsequent one-hand fast screwing. Large white writing area for sample identification and graduate scale screen printed on the tube. Barcode, CODE 128 type printed directly on the tubes is ideal for automatic processing and archiving of sample. Barcode can be read with the most common barcode readers. The cap, of new conception has a star shape designed for use with automatic capping machines.The cap are with internal thread and have rubber injected directly during the production process that ensures absolute safety and avoids any possible contamination risk and loss of liquids. The Device are Human DNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, PCR inhibitors and Pyrogen free. Non cytotoxic, non Hemolytic.

Cod. Description Vol. ml Dim. mm
6311 Skirted, serigraphed - Sterile 2 12.60 x 47.3
6311/R Round bottom, serigraphed - Sterile 2 12.60 x 46