CE Certificate


New tips models studied for a widest compatibility with different kinds of micropipettes: Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit Proline & mLine, Brand Transferpette, Socorex Acura, HTL Discovery & Labmat, Nichiryo, Thermo Scientific Finnpipette, Elkay, Jencons, DSG, Genex and similar. The lengthened shape allows an optimized use and lower liquid retention. Tips made of medical high purity polypropylene, cadmium and heavy metal free. Manufactured with particular precision, that ensures a perfect seal with the compatibles micropipettes and an optimal directionality of liquids in the emptying process. Highly transparent and with an excellent degree of waterproofness. Autoclavable, latex-free Device. Available with different packaging: - Not sterile in bags of 1,000 pieces - Sterile in bags of 5 pieces or individually wrapped - Sterile or not sterile in autoclavable rack with lid of 96 pieces - Refill trays of 96 pieces.

Cod. Colour Packing Vol. l TDS
1202/U Yellow 1000 pcs 2-200 graduated
1202/U/SG Yellow 5 pcs - sterile 2-200 graduated
1202/U/SG/CS Yellow Ind. wrapped - sterile 2-200 graduated
4202/U Yellow Rack 2-200 graduated
4202/U/SG Yellow Rack - Sterile 2-200 graduated
1852 Yellow Refill 2-200 graduated