CE Certificate


Filter tips have been manufactured in order to eliminate the risk of contamination and forged results, caused by contaminated micropipettes. Sterilized by ionizer rays irradiation, they are DNA, DNase e RNase free, Cadmium and Pyrogen free. Suitable for use in molecular biology, cell culture, bacteriology, virology, immunology and radioimmunology. Supplied in rack with lid, individually sealed by transparent film to grant its sterility. Material: polypropylene. Autoclavable. Compatibility: Eppendorf Research - Biohit Proline (singolo e multi canale) & mLine (singolo canale) - Socorex Acura - HTL Discovery DV20-DV100-DV200 - Nichiryo - AHN pipet4u - Thermo Scientific Finnpipette- Rainin (standard no LTS).

Cod. Colour Packing Mod. Vol. l TDS
9606 Neutral Rack 96 pcs Gilson Pipetman P20 - P100 - P200 2-200 beveled
9606/S Neutral 1000 pz Gilson Pipetman P20 - P100 - P200 2-200 beveled