CE Certificate


High precision 5 and 10 ml macro tips allow a quick, safe and efficient handling of larger volumes. Tips made of medical high purity polypropylene, cadmium and heavy metal free. Manufactured with particular precision, that ensures a perfect seal of the compatibles micropipettes and an optimal directionality of liquids in the emptying process. Highly transparent and with an excellent degree of waterproofness. Autoclavable, latex-free device. Available with different packaging: - Not sterile in bags - Sterile in bags of 5 pieces - Not sterile in autoclavable rack with lid. Compatibility: Biohit - Socorex Acura - Oxford.

Cod. Colour Packing Mod. Vol. l TDS
5001/ON Neutral 250 pcs EPPENDORF 1000-5000
5001/ON/SG Neutral 5 pcs - sterile EPPENDORF 1000-5000
6001/ON Neutral Rack 50 pcs EPPENDORF 1000-5000