Dispenser tip Plus type. Up to the dimension of 10 mls, tips are supplied with a color-coded adapter for fast identification of the correct tip. For the versions 25 and 50 ml, adapters are separately supplied. Using the direct displacement method, the tips are proper for viscous, infectious and volatile liquids. Sterile dispenser tips are ATP, DNA, DNasi & Rnasi free, pyrogen free. Material: polypropylene. Suitable for: Multipette M4 (without activated display / senza attivazione display) Multipette stream, Multipette plus and Multipette 4780 (Eppendorf AG), Repetman (Gilson Inc.), Ripette, Ripette pro & Ripette genX (Ritter GmbH), eLine-Dispenser (Sartorius AG), HandyStep, HandyStep S & HandyStep electronic (Brand GmbH & Co. KG), Minilab 100 & Minilab 101 (HTL Lab Solutions), EasyStep (Continental Lab Products Inc.), Handrop (Nirco), StepMate (Scilogex).

Cod. Vol. ml Packing
5401 0.1 100 pcs
5401/SG 0.1 Sterile - ind. wrapped
5411 0.2 100 pcs
5411/SG 0.2 Sterile - ind. wrapped
5421 0.5 100 pcs
5421/SG 0.5 Sterile - ind. wrapped
5431 1 100 pcs
5431/SG 1 Sterile - ind. wrapped
5441 2.5 100 pcs
5441/SG 2.5 Sterile - ind. wrapped