Sterile serological pipettes manufactured in virgin Polystyrene, graduated. Clear black printed graduations for maximum clarity. Accuracy of 1% for nominal volume. Descending and ascending graduations to aid pipetting. Negative graduations for extra capacity. Color coded for ease of identification. Available individually wrapped plastic film or bulk packed for frequent use: reduces packaging waste. Sterile by irradiation. Certified non-pyrogenic.

Cod. Colour Packing Vol. ml
3101 yellow 1/100 Ind. wrapped 1
3102 green 1/100 Ind. wrapped 2
3105 blue 1/10 Ind. wrapped 5
3010 orange 1/10 Bags of 25 pcs 10
3110 orange 1/10 Ind. wrapped 10
3125 red 1/5 Ind. wrapped 25