Sterile serological pipettes manufactured in virgin polystyrene, graduated. Non-dripping tip for pipette precision. Clear black graduations with easy-to-read scale markings guarantee maximum an accuracy of 2%. Descending & ascending graduations to help pipetting and negative graduation for extra capacity. Supplied with a cotton plug for protection against the suction of liquid into the pipetting device. Pipettes and packaging are color coded to simplify identification. Individually wrapped in paper/plastic peel-pack: peel for easy opening. Sterile by irradiation. Latex free, certified non-pyrogenic, not cytotoxic devices.

Cod. Colour Packing Vol. ml
31014 yellow 1/100 Ind. wrapped 1
31024 green 1/100 Ind. wrapped 2
31054 blue 1/10 Ind. wrapped 5
31104 violet 1/10 Ind. wrapped 10
31254 red 1/5 Ind. wrapped 25
31504 black 1/2 Ind. wrapped 50