CE Certificate


Graduated specimen containers with screw cap. Ideal for pneumatic transport. Also available in blue colour for easier identification, used especially in the agro-food production line. Vol. 60 ml - Dim. 35 x 70 mm. Material: polypropylene.

Cod. Cap Colour Cont. Colour Supplied TDS
2050/P Light blue Neutral With separated cap / Bulk
2050 Light blue Neutral Bulk
2050/E Light blue Neutral Bulk with label
2050/CS Red Neutral Ind. Wrapped
2050/E/CS Red Neutral Ind. wrapped, label
2050/SG Red Neutral Sterile - ind. wrapped
2050/E/SG Red Neutral Sterile - Ind. wrapped - With label
2050/B Blue Blue Bulk
2050/B/SG Blue Blue Sterile - Ind. wrapped